Saturday, 28 January 2017

Abandoned Mines

An archipelago of silver lakes, phosphoresecent rain puddles stretch like stepping stones along the cliff edge. Thinly traced lines link old mining villages of the Copper Coast. Fringing steep precipices above the Atlantic, we nervously edge past mine shafts and crumbling walls. Rumours of an ancient church keep us searching for imprints upon stones tumbling towards the sea.

Imagined lakes
of copper and silver,
 scattered fragments
frozen in time

rain puddles at Bonmahon
© 2017 Cartophile's Log

Shallow tunnels
to vanished worlds,
whisper in colour 
as light drowns earth

© 2017 Cartophile's Log
© 2017 Cartophile's Log
© 2017 Cartophile's Log

(Images from a walk along the Copper Coast, County Waterford, Ireland where a metal mining industry flourished in the mid 19th century)

© 2017

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