As a freelance writer, I've had poetry and short stories published in literary journals, magazines and anthologies including Beatdom Literary Journal, Decanto Magazine, CUT UP! (Oneiros Books - Paraphilia Magazine), O Ecuador das Coisas, Network Ireland Magazine, Eat my Words (Gumbo Press), Scraps : A Collection of Flash Fictions (Gumbo Press) and Elsewhere Literary Journal. My poem, 'The Elephant is Contagious' is now a short film.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Wedged into burrows
across a blue shale
the hinged shell
hides its soft form

© 2017 Cartophile's Log
As sailors lament
over selkie threads
on gold dusted shores

 © 2017 Cartophile's Log

An ocean's stories
are stored in its stone
in its shapes and shadows
in its pirates' lore

Pirate's Brew
 © 2017 Cartophile's Log

Shanties are woven
from rockweed
clinging to the shore
from brutal and brutish
the daggers and crosses
lying across its floor

 © 2017 Cartophile's Log

Nets are adrift
and sea whistle slips
between the desert cays

White Lace of the Moon
© 2017 Cartophile's Log

The compass is set
needle balanced on its pivot
now, to learn the points
and, on waking
to cast the sounding line

© 2017

© 2017 Cartophile's Log

© 2017 Cartophile's Log
© Cartophile's Log

 © 2017 

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