As a freelance writer, I've had poetry and short stories published in literary journals, magazines and anthologies including Beatdom Literary Journal, Decanto Magazine, CUT UP! (Oneiros Books - Paraphilia Magazine), O Ecuador das Coisas, Network Ireland Magazine, Eat my Words (Gumbo Press), Scraps : A Collection of Flash Fictions (Gumbo Press) and Elsewhere Literary Journal. My poem, 'The Elephant is Contagious' is now a short film.

Monday, 11 February 2019

Cabinet of Curiosities

With their bright colours and smudged postmark portals, they were miniature works of art, whose albums we'd file meticulously on library shelves. They shared space with adventure novels and worn out encyclopedia personalised with crayon signatures. 

On the top shelf was an antique sewing box, its contents an assortment of postcards and letters stack tied with string. The faded ink with its neat curls contained stories we knew not to read.

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